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Arousal is regulated by the autonomic nervous system. It has two parts: the sympathetic nervous system that up-regulates us when stress hormones are released by the amygdala, and the parasympathetic nervous system that downregulates us when unconsciously transmitted signals from the face, voice, and touch of an attuned person are properly processed. This course offers strategies to end panic by inhibiting the sympathetic system and activating the parasympathetic system in emotionally challenging situations (elevators, tunnels, high places, bridges, MRIs, flying, etc.). The sympathetic system is inhibited by pre-establishing links between the events that will take place in a challenging situation and an oxytocin-producing memory. The parasympathetic system is activated in by pre-establishing links to the memory of the face, voice, and touch. Since panic can arise "out of the blue," feelings of alarm are linked to the memory of a calming person's face, voice, and touch in order to automatically down-regulate alarm.

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