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Sex Therapy with Diverse Cultural and Religious Populations from Around the World 3-hour workshop


About 70-80% of the American population identifies as religious and adhering to a faith. Additionally, America is becoming more diverse than ever before. Practicing any type of therapy requires understanding and knowledge of cultures and religions that impact our client’s worldviews.  Even more so, practicing good sex therapy must consider a client’s family system as well as cultural and religious notions, practices, and values as pertaining to relationships, sexuality, sex, gender, and family systems.  This course will take a sweeping tour around the world with most time spent on Asia and the Middle East and will explore some of the norms, customs, practices, specific challenges, and specific strengths of working with people from different cultures and religions.  We will explore working with East Asians, clients from the Indian sub-continent, Muslims, Arabs, Jews, Christians, Mormons, and others.  With some basic understanding of these cultures and religions, participants will learn how to provide culturally-sensitive therapy, use their clients’ religion and culture in a strength-based approach, and navigate some of the common challenges that arise along the way.


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